The Benefits of Paperless Banking


If you are still getting paper banking statements in the mail, you should seriously consider going paperless. There are numerous advantages you gain by not having to wait each month for a paper statement. The People’s Federal Credit Union is pleased to provide you with the list of following benefits of switching to paperless banking.

  1. 24/7 Access to Banking Information – You can access your accounts online and from your mobile devices whenever you want to check the status of a transaction, see account balances, pay bills, and more.
  2. Find Transactions Quickly – You will know exactly what transactions are still outstanding, as long as you have kept an electronic check register, like that birthday check you mailed your grandson several months ago which still hasn’t cleared your account.
  3. Electronic Statements – You can download or view your account statements online each month and have access to banking statements from previous months and years. Rather than having to wait to get your paper statement in the mail, you can typically access the electronic version within 24 hours of its posting.
  4. Improved Account Management – You can help reduce the risk of fraudulent and unauthorized transactions because you are able to access your information electronically and will notice when something does not look right. You can find out if your account might be compromised sooner, rather than later when you get a paper statement in the mail and run the risk of numerous fraudulent transactions during the statement period.
  5. Online Bill Payment Services – You do not have to worry about keeping paper checks around the home or on your person. You can schedule and pay bills online, where our credit union will process the transactions on your behalf.
  6. Reduced Risks of Identify Theft – Identify theft is a big concern these days. You do not have to worry about various disposal methods for getting rid of old paper bank statements when you go paperless. Some people will go to great lengths to steal someone’s identity, even going through their trash looking for bank statements. Even if you shred the statements, there are unsavory individuals out there who have the patience to put them back together like a puzzle!
  7. Helps the Environment – Going paperless helps the environment since you are not wasting paper on bank statements or paper checks. Plus, using less paper helps preserve our forests and reduce pollution.
  8. More Customer Service Options – Many of our members enjoy being able to have access to self-service features like online banking and electronic statements. This enables them to access their account details when it is convenient for them. In addition, they have access to complete and accurate information, which results in happier members.

Saving Accounts

If you are on the fence about going paperless, we invite you to try out our wide range of electronic banking options first. Do not hesitate to stop by one of The People’s Federal Credit Union’s branch locations or call 806-359-8571 for assistance in setting up electronic access or for help in using the applications.

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