Using Your Smartphone to Manage Your Finances


Isn’t your smartphone amazing? Think about everything you can accomplish with that little device that is sitting in your pocket right now—or even in your hand. The things that you can do on a smartphone would have seemed impossible just a short time ago, and now we take them for granted. These days, you can even manage your finances right from the palm of your hand using a variety of tools, including the CardValet app that lets you manage your TPFCU debit card with ease.

If you’d like to use your smartphone for finances like a pro, all without even logging on to your computer, check out the tips listed below.

Set a Budget – and Stick to It

Most people know that it is important to have a budget for their personal finances. Unfortunately, the inconvenience of trying to keep track of a budget month after month causes many to just give up on it. However, now that most people have the power of a smartphone available to them, there really is no excuse. By simply downloading one of many budgeting apps that are available today, you can easily track your income and expenses whenever you have a moment free. As a bonus, many of the top budgeting apps integrate with your bank accounts, meaning your transactions will be automatically imported. Talk about convenient!

Access Your Bank Account

In all likelihood, your bank of choice is going to have an app that allows you to access your account and view balances, make transfers, and more. For instance, if you choose to bank with TPFCU, you can download the Owner App in order to see your accounts, pay bills, find nearby ATMs, and much more. It’s hard to make good decisions about your finances if you don’t know exactly where you stand in terms of your balances, so take any guesswork out of the equation with easy access to your account info.

Manage Your Credit

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By signing up for a credit monitoring service—there are plenty of them out there—you can receive alerts if anything suspicious pops up in your credit file. Of course, before signing up for a service, be sure to do your research and only work with a reputable, reliable company. For example, our Credit Sense monitoring service is free and available within our online account access and our Smartphone Owner App. You don’t want to find out later that something has been happening on your credit without your knowing about it, so sign up for alerts and take action in a timely manner when necessary.

Start with TPFCU

Working with a great credit union will help you make financial management as easy as possible. We work hard to keep up with modern technology and always want to make sure that our services include the latest and greatest. From the CardValet app to many other great features, you will love your experience with The People’s Federal Credit Union. Contact us today to get started!

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