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Routing Number : 311376753

Loan Rates

Competitive Loan Rates for Any Situation

Planning on buying a new or used car, boat, RV or motorcycle? Thinking of getting a mortgage to buy a home? Have unexpected expenses you need to take care of? The People’s Federal Credit Union is here to make getting competitive rates on auto loans, personal loans, home equity loans, and many other lines of credit easier.

As a credit union, we put our members’ interests first. This means offering low rates on all loan types, flexible repayment terms, and the ability to apply online for the financing options you need most. Whether you are financing new vehicles, consolidating your student loans, or just need a short-term cash injection, we at TPFCU can help you access the best options based on current interest rates.

Want to know what you’ll be paying for your loans? Get an estimate with our loan calculator.

Our low mortgage rates, flexible loan payments, and credit cards are only available to TPFCU members. To take advantage of all the benefits we offer, open a savings account and become a member of our Texas credit union today.

New & Used Vehicles

We understand that financing a new car can be expensive and challenging. That’s why at TPFCU we’ve made it easier than ever for our members to access low auto loan rates for both new auto and used auto purchases.

Our used and new car loan specialists can walk you through the secure application process and help you access low rates for a maximum term of up to five years.

Not sure if you’ll get credit approval? We can also pre-approve your loan amount with a monthly payment rate that’s right for you.

young couple with new car purchase
New & Used VehiclesRate*Term
As low as6.49% 3 yrs*
 6.49%4 yrs*
 6.49%5 yrs*
 6.49%6 yrs*
 7.24% 7 yrs**
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New & Used Recreational Vehicles

At TPFCU, our auto financing doesn’t stop with everyday vehicles. Looking for a new or used recreational vehicle? We’ve got you covered on that too.

With our auto protection program and customizable loan terms, you can purchase a recreational vehicle with the peace of mind that you’ve taken a secured loan with rate and term options that suit your lifestyle, income, and credit score.

New & Used Recreational VehiclesRate*Term
As low as7.99%3 yrs*
 7.99%4 yrs*
$25,000.00 and under7.99%5 yrs*
$25,001.00-$49,000.007.99%6 yrs*
$50,000 and above8.74%7 yrs**
$50,000.00 and aboveCall for Rate8-12 yrs*

New & Used Motorcycles and Boats

Joining a credit union is not just about accessing low interest rates, it’s also about creating a life you enjoy living. That’s why at TPFCU, we offer our members the same flexible principal and interest repayments for non-essential purchases like motorcycles and boats. And, with our handy payment calculator, it only takes seconds to know whether your dream boat or bike has an achievable monthly payment amount.

a man and woman wearing helmets riding a motorcycle
New & Used Motorcycles and Boats Rate* Term
Minimum Retail Value of $5,000.00 7.99% 3 yrs*
On all Motorcycles & Boats 7.99% 4 yrs*
  7.99% 5 yrs*
  8.74% 6 yrs*
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Other Loans

As part of our comprehensive range of financial products, we offer our members easy access to consumer loans aimed at helping them avoid the dangers of taking short-term or payday loans from exorbitantly high rates lenders.

Whether you’re looking for a small loan with a max term of one year, or a larger amount of money with a longer repayment term, we can help you find the right option based on your credit history by comparing loans from our signature, credit builder, and vacation or Christmas offerings.

Other LoansRate*Term
Signature Loans – Unsecured10.00%1 YR
Signature Loans – Unsecured11.00%2 YR
Signature Loans – Unsecured12.00%3 YR
Vacation or Christmas Loan – Unsecured8.00%1 YR
Credit Builder Loan – Unsecured12.00%2 YR
Share secured – Savings for collateral2.00% +12 YR
Dividend rate for $20K plus 200 basis pts  
Certificate of Deposit- CD for collateral2.00% +Length of the CD
CD rate plus 200 basis pts  

Mortgage Loans

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, downsizer, or looking to buy a second home, we pride ourselves on being a fair and customer-centric mortgage lender. With minimum loan amounts starting at $25,000, we’ll work with you to create a mortgage payment plan that suits your credit report and personal means while ensuring you receive the lowest interest rates possible.

businessman shaking hands after mortage loan
Mortgage LoansRate*Term
Home Equity LoansCall for RateCall for Term
$25,000.00 – $100,000.00Call for Rate7-15 YRS
Conventional Mortgages by Servion, our Trusted PartnerCall for Rate10-30 YRS
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MasterCard Credit Card

At TPFCU, we know accessing credit quickly and easily when you need it most is vital for your financial health. That’s why we offer our MasterCard Credit Card option to members for amounts of $15,000 or less.

MasterCard Credit Card Rate*
$15,000.00 and under
without Rewards 7.90%
with our Rewards Program 9.90%
Line of Credit – Unsecured Rate*

Home Equity Loans

Ready for an upgrade? Borrow against the equity in your home with one of our TPFCU home equity loans. Consolidate debt, make improvements on your living space, and access much needed funds when you need to by using the equity you’ve already built in your home as a guarantee.

home improvement loan
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Line of Credit

Not sure your expenses fit any of the products mentioned above? Get in touch with our experienced team to discuss a customized solution in the form of an unsecured line of credit.

*All rates are quoted at the Annual Percentage Rate (APR).
* Rate is based on your individual credit score and the term of the loan.
* Rates are subject to change at any time.
* Rates are based on qualifying discounts.

** 7 YR term maybe available with approval