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Certificates of Deposit Rates (CDs)
Amarillo, TX

Have specific savings goals in Amarillo, TX? Want to earn more than a savings account? Open a CD investment. TPFCU offers CDs for 6 month, 12 month or 24 month terms with very competitive and tiered dividend rates. Certificate of Deposit Rates are fixed, and paid quarterly on 12 and 24 month certificates and at the end of term on 6 month certificates. Certificates require a minimum deposit of $5,000.

We are not renewing or opening new CDs currently. Please check back soon.

Term Dividend APY *
6 Months N/A N/A

(Maturity) $5,000 Minimum

Term Dividend APY *
12 Months N/A N/A
24 Months N/A N/A

(Paid Quarterly) $5,000 Minimum
Accounts insured up to $250,000 on members’ cumulative deposits in share-type accounts.
IRAs are separately insured for up to $250,000.

Additional CD Rate Information

* All rates are quoted at the Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
Penalties: The People’s Federal Credit Union currently offers Share Certificates of varying lengths. If we consent to a request for a withdrawal that is otherwise not permitted, you may have to pay a penalty. The penalty will be the greater of $25 or loss of dividends, whether earned or not, on amounts withdrawn equal to dividends that would have accrued over 50% of the remaining term. When a non renewal Share Certificate is opened, federal law requires a minimum seven day penalty if the Share Certificate is withdrawn. If the account has not been open for at least seven days, the penalty must be taken from principle. We may waive or reduce this penalty in certain circumstances, such as death or incompetence of an owner. Other penalties may apply according to normal IRA rules, such as the premature distribution penalty tax or early withdrawal penalty.

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