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Routing Number : 311376753

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Find Low Interest Rate Loans to Make Car Payments Affordable

The People’s FCU in Amarillo, TX can pre-approve your auto loan with a payment that is right for you. When other banks or credit unions have turned you down, you can count on us. We offer Texas car loans for new and used recreational vehicles with flexible terms up to 72 months, and great rates to fit your budget! And being pre-approved means walking into the dealership knowing what you have to spend and means there will be no consulting with the finance office at the dealership because you’ve already done it at your credit union. Whether you’re purchasing your first new vehicle or a used one that meets your needs, we offer:
  • The Best Rates
  • Fast Pre-Approval
  • Low Monthly Payments

Boat and Motorcycle Loans

The Most Competitive Boat and Motorcycle Loans in Texas

Boat loan rates aren’t always favorable to boaters’ interests. But with the boat loans in Texas that we offer, you can travel the country and enjoy the water! The People’s FCU in Amarillo offers loans for boats and recreational vehicles with affordable rates and terms. We’ll also help you find the best boat loan for your financial situation. Get a loan for a new or used boat with flexible payment options and:
  • A fast, easy approval application
  • Apply online and get a maximum loan amount
  • Get out and enjoy the lake on a pleasant weekend!
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Recreational Vehicle Loans

Get the Best Loans in Amarillo, TX

The People’s Federal Credit Union can help finance your recreational vehicle with the most competitive interest rates on the market. If you’re looking for great loan rates, flexible terms, and convenient payment options, you’ve come to the right place. Our members receive a wide range of benefits that allow them to manage their finances and afford the vehicles they want and need. We are a federally chartered credit union owned by our members. Banks are owned by shareholders. Our credit union considers each account holder a member who owns shares of the company. When we profit, you’ll get lower loan rates and higher dividends. The savings we offer can make a big difference on the total loan amount for your recreational vehicle and its affordability. Continue reading to learn more about our recreational vehicle loans and other financial products.

Apply for a Loan on Your Recreational Vehicle Today

TPFCU offers the best loan rates on the market to finance cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs, and other recreational vehicles. A full-service credit union, we can get you approved in minutes. Simply apply online or call 806-359-8571 and a friendly representative will help you.

Refinance Your Loan

Obtain More Favorable Rates and Terms

Have a car, truck, RV, boat or motorcycle loan with a higher interest rate or payment? Call us today and see how much you can save, even if you don’t have perfect credit! We have made it easier than ever to refinance a loan. Other financial institutions have stricter requirements that are much harder to meet. You can now get:
  • A lower annual percentage rate
  • Even more competitive interest rates
  • More flexible rates and terms on your recreational vehicle loan


  • Call Us: Call our main number 806-359-8571 or 1-800-234-9335 and press 3 for a list of departments and 3 again to speak to a car/RV/boat loan representative.
  • Apply Online: Complete a loan application through the website.
  • Apply by Phone: Call our main number and press 4 to apply anytime of the day. We offer 24-hour service.
  • Visit Us: Walk into any branch and speak to a loan officer.

Having a pre-approval when you walk into a dealer helps with many issues. One—it will save you time. You settle on your amount and the dealer sends over the numbers. You sign your papers and you’re done. Second—the dealer wants to know your individual credit score before they start negotiating numbers. Therefore, they will have you complete their application, and they will submit your information through their system that will shop you out to 1-10 different lenders. Each lender is an inquiry on your credit bureau report. Inquiries are part of the process used by the Credit Bureau system in determining your credit score. The more inquiries, the lower your score will be. Having your pre-approval ahead of time will prevent you from going through this process and reveal the interest rates you qualify for. Plus, when you have a pre-approval letter, you can show it to any lender you apply with.

Our goal is to get an answer back within a few hours or within the same day. If you need a faster solution, we suggest you come into one of our branches and speak to a loan officer. We will process a loan application and get you an answer while you are in the office, including how much you’re approved for, rates and terms, and convenient payment options available. Applications online or taken over the phone will be processed based on the availability of our staff, but our goal is same day service for all applications.

It depends on the total cost of your vehicle, interest rate, and the term of the loan. Your credit score determines your rate and the maximum amount of time you can extend the recreational vehicle loan. You can call the loan department for help or access the loan calculator on our website to get an estimate on your payment. Just remember that every application is subject to credit approval.

The interest rate varies based on several factors: Your credit score through Equifax Credit Bureau, the maximum loan amount, and the length of the loan. There are other factors we considered, so contacting the loan department before you decide to shop is important. The credit scores ran through promotional advertisement are not the credit score used in determining your interest rate with the Credit Union. It is important to realize there is no way to quote your credit score without pulling your credit through the credit system directly.

If you are struggling to make your payment, contact our collection or loan department and they will see what options are available for you. You can also apply online for a hardship to skip a payment. The skip a payment option will allow you to skip the current monthly payment on your car loan. Your request will be reviewed, and someone will contact you with your options. We believe in helping our members, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We have several ways to help you get started and receive your Texas car loan. If you are wanting to establish credit only and you do not need the funds immediately, we have a Credit Builder Loan. You sign a loan contract for the dollar amount requested and we disburse the funds to your savings account. You do not have access to the funds until you have paid off the car or boat loan. Once paid, we release the funds to the account at your financial institution for you to do with as you wish. The payment history on the loan is reported to Equifax credit bureau to help you establish your credit score.

We process home equity loans through our main branch in Hillside. There are instructions on our website informing you what the requirements are, and the documents we need to process your application. You can apply online or we can provide one for you. You do not have to combine your first mortgage with the home equity loan. To purchase a home, we are partnered with Servion out of Dallas. They are a Mortgage Company that services mortgages for credit unions. We can assist you in the process with their application and any questions you may have.