Routing Number : 311376753

Routing Number : 311376753

Auto Loans

Need help finding auto loan rates and flexible terms to make car payments affordable? Struggling to find an affordable auto loan? Tired of being turned down by other banks, credit unions, and financial institutions? You can count on us to come through! The People’s Federal Credit Union in Texas can pre-approve your loan and auto financing rate with a payment plan that’s right for you.

We offer Texans a credit union service with the best auto loan rates based on their unique financial situation. Whether you’re looking to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle, our competitive rates and terms can help you access affordable vehicle financing today. 

Types of Auto Loans Available to Texas Residents

With TPFCU, residents of Amarillo, TX and surrounding areas can access low rates and easy pre-approval on car loans for new and used vehicles. Whether you’re looking to buy an ATV, camper, motorcycle, or trailer, we pride ourselves on tailoring every loan to suit your credit history and financial means.

Types of Auto Loans Available
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Benefits of Getting an Auto Loan from TPFCU

As one of the premier credit unions in Amarillo, Texas and its surroundings, getting an auto loan from TPFCU comes with several benefits, including:

  • Competitive auto rates
  • Flexible terms (longer terms of up to 72 months allow you to pay off your loan at your own pace)
  • Customizable repayment options to suit your financial ability

Even better, our pre-approval service is guaranteed to change the way you experience car buying. Simply walk into the dealership knowing exactly what you can spend and avoid long conversations in the finance office or the need to bring additional documentation along with you.

How Do I Get an Auto Loan from TPFCU?

If you are already a member of TPFCU, getting a car loan is as easy as applying online or getting in touch with one of our team members at a local branch to initiate the process.

If you aren’t a member of our credit union yet, you can apply today for a checking account with us. By opening an account, you’ll become a credit union member and have access to all our services.

During the car loan application process, we may need to check your credit report and whether or not you’ve borrowed money in the past. This will help us determine whether or not we can offer you a loan and how to adjust our current rates to best suit you.

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Online Banking and Financial Services

Choose TPFCU for Personalized Online Banking and Financial Services

Whether you’re looking for a new car loan or refinancing your vehicle, TPFCU can help you make the purchase without sacrificing your financial freedom and independence. While other lenders offer high rates and short terms, TPFCU has gone in the opposite direction.

We offer our members long-term loans at very competitive rates, making us one of the best choices when it comes to purchasing a car.



It’s easy to pay your auto loan! You can visit your local TPFCU branch and make a payment with our tellers, call us and make a payment by phone, or use our online payment portal below!

The requirements for pre-approval will differ depending on your financial profile and needs. To apply for pre-approval or learn more about our requirements, you can:

  • Call us at 806-359-8571 or 1-800-234-9335. For the latter, press 3 for a list of departments and 3 again to speak to a car/RV/boat loan representative.
  • Apply online.
  • Visit your nearest branch and talk to a loan officer.

The loan officer in charge of your application will provide you with the correct address to which you need to send your proof of insurance.

Yes. If you are struggling to make a payment, contact our loan or collection department to inquire how we can help you. You can also apply online for a hardship to skip a payment.