About Us

About The People’s Federal Credit Union

How Are We Different?

Unlike banks, which are owned by shareholders, The People’s Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit cooperative owned by its members.

When you become a member of TPFCU, you actually own shares of the credit union. When TPFCU makes a profit, that money goes back to the members in the form of lower loan rates and higher dividend rates than banks can offer. While banks work to make a profit for their shareholders, TPFCU’s primary focus is our owners/members.

Our Mission

The People’s Federal Credit Union is a member-owned federally chartered credit union committed to serving the financial needs of its members. The mission of The People’s Federal Credit Union is to be the Members’ primary financial institution. The credit union will provide quality, competitive services in an atmosphere of trust and superior member satisfaction.

The History of the People’s Federal Credit Union

The People’s Federal Credit Union was federally chartered on January 12, 1953 as the Amarillo Pantex Credit Union. The first branch was at the Pantex plant, and it wasn’t until 1973 that TPFCU opened its first branch in Amarillo. From there we’ve grown to over 23,000 members and five branches in Amarillo, Canyon and Childress.

Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of nine (9) unpaid volunteers and is elected by the membership at the Credit Union Annual Meeting. They are responsible to the members for the proper exercise of the authority delegated to them in the bylaws. As provided in the bylaws, the Board controls the resources made available to management for the accomplishment of its tasks and is responsible for the general direction and overall control of the Credit Union. This responsibility is carried out in accordance with the Federal Credit Union Act rules and regulations, bylaws, and sound business and management practices.


Although the Credit Union only deals with persons who make up the field of membership, the foremost principle in its membership policy is to extend service to as many as are eligible. A Credit Union should not try to become an exclusive organization to which only a privileged few people may belong. Rather, it should aim at becoming an organization that includes and helps as many people as it can. You can change employers, move, retire, get married and never have to leave The People’s Federal Credit Union. “Once a member, always a member.”

Markets We Service

Our underserved area includes all citizens who live, work or worship in the city of Canyon, Childress, Hereford, parts of Amarillo, and Deafsmith County.

You will also qualify if a family member already has an account with us, or if you work for or retired from a company that we serve.

It sounds complicated, but most people qualify for membership at TPFCU. If you don’t know if you qualify, please call at 806-359-8571, send us an email to Department.mbrserve@tpfcu.com or come in to one of our branches for more information!

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee consists of five persons appointed from the membership by the Board of Directors. It is the members´ representative and serves as the Credit Union´s internal auditing body. The Supervisory Committee performs duties as prescribed in the bylaws which include examining the affairs of the Credit Union, auditing the books, presenting reports to the Board of Directors, and an annual report to the members.

Concern for Community

At the People’s Federal Credit Union, one of our guiding principles is a Concern for Community.
Our employees are directly involved in helping to raise funds for non profits and charities in our area and are
encouraged to volunteer and serve in their community.

In addition, TPFCU has supported these organizations and initiatives:

  • Junior Achievement
  • March of Dimes
  • Children’s Miracle Network
  • The High Plains Food Bank
  • Faith City Mission
  • Family Support Services
  • The Maverick Boys and Girls Club of Amarillo
  • Panhandle Mothers Against Meth Amarillo
  • Martha’s Home
  • Local schools
  • Local sports teams-Amarillo Venom and Amarillo Bulls

Have Questions? Let's Talk

If you want to learn more about any of our products, services or becoming a TPFCU Member call us at 806-359-8571, visit a branch, or simply enter your email address below and we will contact you.

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