The Truth Behind Online Banking


New technologies always take a while to catch on. There are usually some struggles along the way as the technology is developed, and some people will be hesitant to move away from what they know. With that said, online and mobile banking are no longer technologies that really fit in the “new” category. They are well established at this point and should be seen as a standard part of managing your finances.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider fully embracing what online banking has to offer.

Power Technology at Work

While the technical details of how banks and credit unions work to secure their data are beyond the scope of this article, it’s safe to say that plenty of time and energy is invested into keeping sensitive information away from criminals. No system is foolproof, but it is in everyone’s best interest to keep banking information safe and secure. Given the significant benefits of using services like mobile banking, and the limited risk that comes with it, using modern bank services is an easy choice.

So Many Benefits

Those who have so far resisted the use of online or mobile banking simply may not understand all that there is to be gained. For starters, you can quickly check on the balance of your accounts, confirming that you have enough to make a purchase or if your direct deposit paycheck has been deposited. The days of visiting the bank in person to check your balance are over, thanks to the power of online banking.

In addition to checking your balances, you can also handle a range of basic banking functions with just a few clicks or taps. You may be able to transfer money, pay bills, and much more. No longer will you need to schedule trips to the bank for any of your basic transactions, saving you significant time and making life as a whole a little more convenient.

Some Important Tips

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The technologies behind online and mobile banking have been designed specifically to keep your information as safe as possible. With that said, there are some steps you can take on your own in order to improve your odds of avoiding trouble:

  • Keep your passwords fresh. One of the easiest ways to add additional security to your online banking experience is to regularly change your passwords. Rather than keeping the same password for years—which could expose you to risk if that password becomes stolen—get into the habit of changing it up frequently. Also, be sure to use strong, long passwords including some capital letters, numbers, and characters.
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi. When you are out in public, you may have access to public Wi-Fi networks. Those can be handy for casual web browsing, but don’t use a public network when logging in to something sensitive like your bank account. It’s better to wait until you are at home on your own private network or to use your cellular data rather than Wi-Fi to improve your security.
  • Don’t click on email links. One of the common ways criminals attempt to gain access to bank accounts is through email “phishing” scams. These emails are designed to look like they come directly from your banking institution, but they are from a criminal attempting to get your information. To avoid falling victim to this kind of scam, simply avoid clicking on links that you get in your email messages. Instead, go directly to your bank’s website in your browser, making sure you’ve landed on the secure, official website of your bank or credit union before proceeding.

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