5 Ways to Go Greener with Your Banking

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Online banking allows you to transfer funds, receive certificates of deposit, complete bill payments, and manage checking and savings accounts from your computer or device. It also contributes to a greener planet. There are several ways that online personal banking helps with environmental sustainability, in addition to providing convenient e-Services as our credit union does. Here are five examples of how green banking is good for the planet.

1. Reduced Paper Waste

With online banking services, paperless transactions mean less paper is wasted every time a deposit or withdrawal form is filled out, you sign up for an account, or you apply for a loan. Instead of paper bills mailed to you, you can receive them by email. When all transactions are done electronically, there is little or no need for consuming paper or ink, which means less waste introduced into the environment and a reduced need to cut down trees to supply more paper.

2. Lower Fuel Consumption with Online Banking

Fewer trips back and forth to the bank, and the fact e-bills reduce the need for postal vehicle trips, will reduce the amount of fuel expended throughout your banking efforts. This also cuts down on air pollution associated with vehicles on the roads. Greenhouse gases from car emissions have been associated with poor air quality as well as climate change. Having fewer of them is one of the potential benefits of online bank transactions.

3. Breaks on Auto Loan Interest Rates

Electric, hybrid, and other fuel-efficient cars often qualify for reduced interest rate loans, which can serve as an incentive for car buyers. There are often fewer fees associated with green car loans. Low-interest financing is available from many banks and credit unions, while you may also qualify for federal tax incentives.

4. Mortgage Incentives

By adding energy-efficient features to your home, you might qualify for a green mortgage. The Federal Housing Administration offers what is called the Energy Efficient Mortgage. Some government mortgage loans are based on Energy Star ratings. The first step is to obtain an energy rating for your home to determine if you qualify for a green mortgage. In addition to saving money, this is a good reason to consider higher efficiency appliances, solar power systems, and other upgrades.

5. A Greener Home Overall

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Are you considering better insulation, high-efficiency windows, or an upgrade for your furnace? These kinds of home improvement projects can qualify you for green home equity loans. Using the funds for a particular green project can get you an interest rate discount and a federal tax credit. Your home can then contribute to a healthier planet. However, consider various requirements, such as site inspections, fees, and documentation, to ensure you qualify for a specific loan.

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